Sina Moatamed
IT Strategist and Consultant

Former CIO and now IT strategist and consultant. Sina has overseen every facet of IT infrastructure, projects, contracts and security to ensure that a business’s services are supported by the right systems, processes and people. Sina’s professional history centers largely on multi-million dollar global implementations at large enterprises, where he experienced the first-hand benefits of building infrastructures that are not only stable, but also capable of growing with the business. Sina brought those enterprise-class IT sensibilities to mid-sized businesses by taking a critical look at the core business services and then aligning the best available technology with the company’s unique needs. An early-adopter of cloud computing infrastructures, Sina gained recognition on the global IT business stage as a lauded model for infrastructure and strategy implementation. He has presented for Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg, Voice America, and SAP conferences. In 2010, Sina Moatamed received Managing Automation’s Progressive Manufacturing 100 award for his business application overhaul. In 2011, Sina Moatamed received the CIO 100 Award for implementing an IT infrastructure which enabled agile business strategy execution using cloud computing technologies.
Southern California