Unified Clouds single mission is to enable businesses with the right technology, processes, and implementation strategies to provide needed capabilities.  Cloud computing has created new opportunities for businesses to find the right solutions that they can self-administer without the need of traditional IT department involvement.  The role of the IT organization is to broker secure, compliant, and cost-efficient IT services to the business.  Gone are the days where IT stands between you and your businesses needs being fulfilled.

Unified Clouds goal is to share best practices, provide insight into the future of IT, and how the business will further improve their core product and service offerings by leveraging next generation solutions.  Thought leadership is one thing, understanding how to get there is completely different story.  Seeing first hand how mid-sized and large enterprises are transforming is the core competency that is offered.  Live in the real world and keep your eye on the future.  IT should be helping businesses in a way that does not include IT.  In the modern world, IT departments should be getting smaller, more agile and integrated with the business.  This happens when you unify cloud and business opportunities.